Power Optimization of Electric Developments in Diesel Power Plant for the Electrical Energy Sources using Dynamic Programming Algorithm

Sigit Prasetyo Haq, Muladi Muladi, Siti Sendari


The electricity need in the G4 Building at the State University of
Malang was more than 85 kVA. All electrical devices could be
activated; but when the energy source was inactive, all electricity
requirements were transferred to the diesel power plant (DPP).
However, the electrical capacity of DPP was only 20 kVA;
therefore, it was necessary to optimize the electrical power load so
that the DPP energy could be absorbed optimally using the room
scheduling and electrical devices priority systems. The Dynamic
Programming Algorithm was embedded in the power optimization
system to help optimize the work. The power optimization prototype
was used to simulate the 1st floor of the G4 Building’s condition.
The system consisted of a controller, a central controller, and a
user interface. the controller comprised of a current sensor,
microcontroller, and a relay. The central controller consisted of
Raspberry Pi 3 hardware that was installed as the server to answer
the HTTP request from the controller and user interface. The user
interface was displayed in a dynamic web to ease the user in
managing the electrical devices and entering the room usage
schedule. The power optimization system managed the electrical
energy from DPP by turning on the electrical devices according to
the priority value. The power optimization system tests were divided
into six problems, of which each stage had an error value of 0%.

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