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Things to search for when purchasing a wireless speaker

by Charlie Dickson (2020-04-28)

Hoping to get a sparkling new wireless speaker, however not certain which to decide on? Well you're not the only one. Nowadays, the wireless speaker showcase is a wilderness loaded with an assortment of brutes, each with various qualities, shortcomings and local natural surroundings. This, close by the ever-developing number of specialized terms and showcasing trendy expressions makes finding the model that is best for your particular needs a precarious street to explore, in any event, for the most technically knowledgeable of purchasers.

However, dread not, the sound specialists at Trusted Towers have really concentrated to offer five key tips to consider when purchasing a wireless speaker.

What would you like to utilize it for?

This is an inquiry you should pose to yourself before purchasing any new piece of tech. There's no point dishing out bunches of money for a top-end speaker with cutting edge highlights, for example, multi-room and Hi-Res Audio support, on the off chance that you intend to tune in to low-quality records in the shower. Similarly, you would prefer not to underspend on a framework that doesn't meet your prerequisites.

You ought to likewise think about the particular reason. Do you intend to utilize the speaker with different bits of tech, for example, your TV, an old turn table or spilling from a cell phone? At that point you'll require the privilege physical associations.

Convenience and structure are other key components. On the off chance that you're just going to utilize it at home, at that point a greater speaker will possibly convey more haul and a greater sound. In the event that you need a speaker for when you're making the rounds you'll require a model with a battery – with not too bad battery life at that – just as Bluetooth network.


Next, you ought to consider structure factor and where you intend to set the speaker up. The primary thing any audiophile will ask is the place you need to utilize it. The state of a room can affect how a speaker sounds.

In the event that you need to utilize the unit as an independent speaker, at that point put resources into one with omnidirectional sound. Obviously, in the event that it will be put in the focal point of the room, at that point you'll additionally need it to have a battery, to abstain from hauling links over the floor.

Then again, on the off chance that it is to sit toward the side of a room, or close to a divider, a divider fueled framework will be better. Additionally consider where you'll invest the most energy tuning in to the speaker and position it to hit the ruled sweet spot in your room.

The size of a room ought to likewise be thought of. A major room will require a speaker able to do some snort to occupy that space. A littler room may not require a speaker as large, however littler speakers are more than fit for going uproarious.

Need to make a multi-room arrangement? At that point put resources into a speaker family that can without much of a stretch be extended, for example, Sonos. What's more, on the off chance that you're going to utilize the speaker in the shower, at that point certainly get a unit with an IP water-obstruction rating.

Availability and spilling abilities

This is a territory that can frequently confound new purchasers. As of now, there are a wide range of wireless association types doing the rounds.

Bluetooth is the most widely recognized, and is bolstered on most standard gadgets including PCs, tablets and cell phones. It's additionally super-simple to set up. The drawbacks are that it doesn't offer the best sound quality except if it's perfect with aptX or aptX HD Bluetooth variations. It has a restricted transmission separation and sign obstruction can be an issue in occupied regions.

Next up is Wi-Fi. This lets you interface with any gadget on a similar Wi-Fi arrange. This makes it an extraordinary, and stable, choice for wireless speaker frameworks that will remain planted in your home – and furthermore for the blasts from the past who wish to stream music from their PC, cell phone or a NAS framework without giving up sound quality.

At long last, there are the organization explicit arrangements, for example, AirPlay. AirPlay is a restrictive wireless gushing tech from Apple. It carries with it a couple of advantages for Apple Music and iTunes clients, for example, a one-tap approach to stream music from Apple Music to perfect speakers, and Siri support. The most recent AirPlay 2 additionally includes multi-room usefulness and the capacity to attach speakers in surround sound. At the point when it originally propelled the tech was restricted to Apple's own HomePod family, however it's since gotten progressively normal on outsider frameworks. You can get them cheaper by using deals from sites like, they have many such offers on electronis & home equipments from top brand sellers.


Plan to utilize your wireless speaker exclusively at home? At that point treat it like a household item and consider the effect it will have on the general look of your room.

On the off chance that you have gobs of room and are glad to make a pinnacle or chamber speaker the highlight of the room, at that point there are a lot of alluring looking speakers accessible. Be that as it may, because of advances in sound tech, however, the market has a lot of littler, discrete-looking wireless speakers which don't bargain much on sound quality. Many, including the KEF LSX Wireless, additionally come in various shading alternatives, so you can coordinate them to the stylistic layout of your room.

Sound quality

Unfortunately, less society are finishing on the idea of "attempt before you purchase", with the vast majority picking to make their buys on the web. In any case, you should in any case do your examination before giving over your money. Peruse numerous audits of the speaker you're thinking about to guarantee the sound execution meets your preferences.

Actually, as well, you'll need to be certain that it's acceptable. In case you're playing music utilizing a greetings goals sound source, for example, Tidal, for instance, you'll need to realize that the speaker you pick is equipped for playing it at that quality.