Jurnal Pendidikan Humaniora

Jurnal Pendidikan Humaniora (JPH) is published four times a year in March, June, September, and December. It contain scientific articles on humanities education written in two languages: Indonesian and English. The article is published in form of research results and the results of thought. Jurnal Pendidikan Humaniora (JPH) is published by Postgraduate of Universitas Negeri Malang with ISSN 2338-8110 and Electronic ISSN 2442-3890. Abstracts and full text that have been published on the website can be read and downloaded in http://www.um.ac.id on the menu E-Journal (http://journal.um.ac.id/index.php/jph) for free. Jurnal Pendidikan Humaniora is indexed in DOAJ, Index Copernicus, EBSCO, etc.


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Homepage: http://pasca.um.ac.id/. E-mail: jph.pasca@um.ac.id dan jph.pascaum@gmail.com

The contents of the article and all the consequences caused by the article it becomes the full responsibility the author.

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Jurnal Pendidikan Humaniora is indexed in DOAJ, Index Copernicus, EBSCO-Open Science Directory, Google Scholar, Indonesian Publication Index (IPI) etc.

Jurnal Pendidikan Humaniora (Journal of Humanities Education) is a group in Education on Mendeley.