Query Rewriting with Thesaurus-Based for Handling Semantic Heterogeneity in Database Integration

I Made Riyan Adi Nugroho, I Wayan Budi Sentana


Nowadays, studies on handling semantic heterogeneity still become a challenge for researcher. Several methods have been used to solve these problems, one of which is query rewriting, implemented by rewriting a query into the latest one by using the selected schema. Semantic query rewriting needs a framework in order to identify the connection through the data schema sources. This line is used as a basis for scheme selection. Also, ontology is a model which often be used in these specific cases. The lack of ontology becomes a significant problem that usually seen. Therefore, this paper will describe an alternative framework in order to identify the link of semantic, which assisted by thesaurus.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17977/um018v3i12020p11-18


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