Trends of Biogas Development and Usages in Developing Countries-A Case of Bhutan

Hemlal Bhattarai


Renewable Energy Sources are a much-talked topic in recent times in the field of the energy system. As significant threats and challenges are poised for the health and environment by fossil fuel-based energy sources in meeting the energy requirements, there are initiatives and approaches taken to promote the usage of renewable energy. Significant advancement has been taken on renewable energy worldwide including Bhutan which is cautiously investing in renewable energy sources for energy self-sufficiency and export too. One of the promising incorporations Bhutan has made is in usages of biogas fuel in small scales meeting the household demand of cooking fuel which otherwise has to be from wood-based, Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and electricity. The study showed the trend of increasing development of biogas plants and usages of biogas in the case of Bhutan that is also being supported by the identified nodal agencies. As a result, the trends of firewood and LPG usages have been compensated to the greater extends especially in rural sectors of the country where access to other clean sources of energy is still quite expensive and challenges. 

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