Increasing Capacity Impact of Power Source Sinergy on Power Flow Evaluation Based on Auxiliary Generator

Wrenda Wira Pradana


Steam power plant PT Sinergy Power Source is one of the private steam power plants that have a capacity of 30 MW and supplies 3 main expenses namely PT Mekabox, PT Sopanusa, and PT Sunpaper. Currently, the total load that must be fulfilled by steam power plant PT SPS for the three factories is 25.33 MW and will continue to grow because of the increase in the production number of each plant. With the increasing amount of production, the amount of load will increase so that additional generator capacity is required. This research aims to determine the analysis of power flow planning and coordination setting system protection against the addition of 30 MW generator capacity. Analyze the power flow using ETAP software with the Adaptive Newton-Rapson method. The results of the study showed after the 30 MW generator was added, the work percentage of generators 1 and 2 was lighter and the value of the power flow is relatively the same if the load value is unchanged. For coordination of protection systems itself has been running correctly to handle disruption.    


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