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In daily life, every member of society always interacts with the environment by using a traditional system that goes on continuously and is bound by a sense of common identity in its social unity. They face challenges and stimuli from the environment, including challenges and stimuli from natural resources. In responding to these challenges and stimuli, they individually or collectively develop language, literature, art, and culture and use them as adaptations to meet their needs.

Community cultural products in the form of language, literature, and art are one of the vehicles for the community to adapt to the environment and meet the needs of his life. The cultural product is the result of the creation and innovation of the community whose presence is encouraged and influenced by the condition of the environment. Therefore, these cultural products have a unique shape in accordance with the needs of the environment and the demands of his time.

As expressions and creations of society, language, literature, and art have a function as a symbol of cultural identity of society. As a cultural identity of society, the development of language, literature, and art is always in line with the development of the culture of the community of speakers. The style and expression of language, literature, and art reflect the cultural style of the societies.

In the life of society, there are groups or social layers that have the structure, strength, and taste of life that tend to vary. This distinction leads to the emergence of different adaptation strategies undertaken by each community to meet the needs of their lives. The diversity of patterns and adaptation strategies undertaken by diverse communities is reflected in the various cultural works it produces.

The presence of language, literature, and art has a function for the people of its speakers. Individually, language, literature, and the arts function as a means of expression or sublimation, while socially the cultural products of the society serve to fulfill certain interests, such as for the belief, religion, politics, education, and economy. Thus, in language, literature, and art those are contained a number of messages that have a particular function or meaning for the people of its speakers.

In various events, the cultural products of the society in the form of language, literature, and art are functioned by the owner as a vehicle for building relationships among individuals in a whole community. Cultural products are functioned as a medium to unify and strengthen the closeness of their relationship in carrying out cultural practices. In this case, the cultural product of society becomes a cultural vehicle that guides and directs the cultural behavior of the culprit community.


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