Andi Setiawan, Widjonarko Widjonarko, Candrika Kumaratungga


The use of Universal type motors is very commonly used, both in daily life and in research activities. The universal motor can be used as prime mover generator PMSG (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator), which in its application there are obstacles, namely the difficulty of stabilizing the speed due to the influence of changes in the load connected to the PMSG, this affects the output voltage generated by the system. In this case, a speed stabilizer system is needed to stabilize the output voltage generated based on the load given to the system. AC Chopper is one of the circuits that can be applied in a speed control system that functions as an AC-AC voltage regulator which is the input of the Universal motor. Synchronous AC Chopper is one type of AC Chopper circuit which according to previous research has better performance in terms of efficiency than Basic AC Chopper. As for this control system, Fuzzy Mamdani logic is flexible and has a tolerance on existing data with control results having a settling time of ±15 seconds and an average efficiency of 84.99%.

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