Design and Construction of Electric Socket Based Photovoltaic

Mohammad Fakhim Widadiy, A.N. Afandi, T. Hiyama


Human needs for energy are increasing but the level of fossil energy is getting depleted, making energy sources dwindling. alternative energy or renewable energy is needed. Indonesia has a lot of solar energy potential as much as 4.8 KWh/m2, this amount is equal to 112,000 GWp, but only about 10 MWp has been used. To maximize the potential of solar power, researchers carry out designs aimed at maximizing the potential of solar power, especially providing energy at shelters so that they have an independent energy supply and are not dependent on energy sourced from conventional energy. From the results of observations related to the electrical design of the socket at the bus stop with a photovoltaic basis, it was found that the total load affects the use of PLTS components, so it is necessary to determine the load first before the design process.

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