Aims and Scope

Open-access journal publishing high quality, editorially selected and peer reviewed in physics

JPSE (Journal of Physical Science and Engineering) is an open access journal from Universitas Negeri Malang publishing high-quality research and reviews in all areas of the physical science and engineering. Research papers published by the journal represent significant bringing new insight to a specialized area of research in physics.

The scope of the journal covers all areas of experimental, applied, fundamental, and interdisciplinary physical science and enginering and includes (but is not limited to):

    Astrophysics and cosmology
    Atomic and molecular physics
    Chemical physics
    Condensed-matter physics
    Electrical and electronic engineering
    Electronics and device physics
    Engineering miscellaneous
    Fluid dynamics
    Geophysics and nonlinear phenomena
    High-energy particle physics
    Information theory and computation
    Nuclear physics
    Optical physics and photonics
    Plasma physics
    Quantum physics