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Introduction from the Editor

Jurnal Sains Psikologi (JSP)  is a scientific journal in Psychology published by Fakultas Pendidikan Psikologi (FPPsi), Universitas Negeri Malang (UM). The JSP aims to facilitate the process of interaction, discussion, and further discussion of the development of psychology in Indonesian society. The JSP includes topics related to the theme of clinical psychology, industry and organization, education, development, and social. In this journal, there are discussions related to the development of problems found in society. The JSP is published twice in a year, in March and November. Each article sent to JSP will be reviewed using a blind review method and two-peer reviews method. The JSP published scientific articles of critical thinking and research results in the field of psychology.

Jurnal Sains Psikologi is available in printed-out and electronic version. JSP ISSN 2085-2223 (Print) and E-ISSN 2597-7008 (Open journal system)

Jurnal Sains Psikologi also collaborates with HIMPSI for publishing.

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Vol 8, No 2 (2019)

Table of Contents


Faaris Muhammad Fillhumaam, Rini Nurahaju, Gartinia Nurcholis
Yusak Novanto, Marthen Pali
Ike Dwiastuti, Farah Farida Tantiani, Aryudho Widyatno, Moh. Irtadji
Gebi Angelina Zahra
Karina Dyah Ari Saraswati, Gamma Rahmita Ureka Hakim
Mekar Dwi Indah Sari, Herlina Siwi Widiana, Erita Yuliasesti