Windra Irdianto, Eko Edi Poerwanto, M. Ihwanudin


Abstract: The Improvement of Basic Measurement Skills Through Pair Check Type Cooperative Learning Models. Pair check cooperative learning is a learning model of a small group of two students who are responsible for completing academic assignments with peer guidance. This study aims to ex­plore the effect of cooperative learning pair check models on automotive measurement subject matter. Thirty-two students were divided into two groups. One group consisting of 17 students is an experi­mental class, while the other group consisting of 15 students is a control class. Research data is a score of students' skills in reading the results of automotive measurements. Research data was obtained at the final evaluation of learning using a questionnaire. The results showed that the average score of the ex­perimental class was 78.35, while the average score of the control class was 57.73. The difference in the average score of the two groups was tested using t test statistics for independent groups. The results showed that the average score of the experimental group was significantly higher than that of the con­trol group. This shows that cooperative learning type pair check can improve students' skills in reading the results of automotive measurements.



cooperative learning, pair check model, reading skill, automotive measurement

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